MultiMech for Abaqus

At MultiMechanics, we are committed to improving the use and behavior of advanced materials within innovative products. Our breakthrough technologies and domain expertise will help you reduce trial-and-error related costs and speed up production. 
MultiMech for Abaqus takes this mission to a new level. 
This tool is the first of it's kind to embed a 3d, nonlinear, fully parallelized Finite Element solver into the framework of an existing FEA platform! 
Using MultiMech for Abaqus, you get all the benefits of MultiMech without having to leave your favorite modeling and simulation tool. 
Features include:
  1. Automatic Microstructure Generation
  2. Composite Material Library
  3. Material Homogenization and Virtual Testing Tools
  4. Injection Mold Mapping 
  5. TRUE Multiscale™ Analysis within Abaqus/CAE
  6. Ability to zoom into material microstructures
  7. Robust post-processing data



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MultiMechanics is proud to be a Dassault Systemes Simulia Software Partner.