MultiMechanics is excited to announce the release of MultiMech 18.0, a multiscale composite simulation software platform designed to make composite analysis faster, smarter, and more realistic. This webinar will cover the new features within MultiMech 18.0 and a live Q&A presentation will be held with our CEO, Leandro Castro.


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Hayden Cornwell, Application Engineer

Hayden obtained his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Aerospace Engineering from MIT. As Application Engineer at MultiMechanics, he is responsible for working with customers to solve their material engineering problems using MultiMech. He is passionate about investigating how the micromechanics in fiber reinforced composites affect the global properties of a structure.


Leandro Castro, Co-Founder and CEO

Leandro is the Co-Founder and CEO of MultiMechanics. His rare, hybrid background in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering places him at a strategic position to help solve problems in the Computer-Aided Engineering industry. He is also a member of Pipeline, an exclusive community of entrepreneurial leaders building high-growth companies.