MultiMech 18.0 contains a native Abaqus integration that enables engineers to easily perform complex material analyses in order to enhance their structural analysis. The tool is embedded directly into the Abaqus interface and is designed to fit into a user's current workflow, allowing users to zoom into their material microstructure and understand how structural performance is influenced at the material level. MultiMech 18.0 for Abaqus requires very little training to use, giving engineers the ability to easily convert their models to multiscale and get more accurate results. 


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Hayden Cornwell, Application Engineer

Hayden obtained his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Aerospace Engineering from MIT. As Application Engineer at MultiMechanics, he is responsible for working with customers to solve their material engineering problems using MultiMech. He is passionate about investigating how the micromechanics in fiber reinforced composites affect the global properties of a structure.

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