MultiMech is the world's most innovative software for the structural analysis of advanced composite parts and materials.  Recently this technology was embedded into the leading CAE platform, ANSYS Workbench.

Incorporating the actual behavior of your composite microstructure dramatically improves accuracy, reducing costs associated with overdesign. With this new approach you can predict the effects of voids, fiber orientation, and manufacturing parameters. Just as important, you can also capture the effect of complex damage mechanisms, such as fiber rupture, resin cracking, and fiber-resin debonding. Since the underlying physics of the problem is directly modeled, on-the-fly, you can obtain accurate structural response without the need of continuous calibration and curve fitting exotic analytical models to extensive experimental data. 

The integrated solution gives ANSYS users access to MultiMechanics’ material analysis tools within ANSYS® Workbench™.  “We are very excited to release this tool”, says Dr. Flavio Souza, Chairman and CTO of MultiMechanics, Inc.. “Such close partnership with ANSYS has enabled us to embed MultiMech™ in an intuitive and native workflow within ANSYS® Workbench™. This is truly a 10x improvement especially when it comes to user experience and accurate prediction of failure in advanced materials.”
Excitement is shared both ways, as points out Richard Mitchell, Lead Product Marketing Manager for ANSYS' Structural Mechanics product line: "We are very excited about the new developments from MultiMechanics and the opportunities that MultiMech™ will bring to our valued customers. Making use of the open architecture of the ANSYS simulation platform to deliver their TRUE Multiscale™ technology, MultiMechanics is opening new doors to multiscale material modelling. Combining ANSYS' leading simulation platform with MultiMechanics’ powerful multiscale technology will give customers the ability to concurrently couple macro-scale events with sub-scale calculations in a single simulation."
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