Composite materials are transforming the transportation industry by improving efficiency, lowering emissions, and decreasing fuel consumption. However, the current process for adopting these advanced materials is time-intensive and can cost millions in testing and certification. This is due to complex micromechanics as well as high sensitivity to processing conditions. 

Using MultiMech, different forms of manufacturing defects can be characterized and applied to a model to represent how a process will affect the performance of a component. In this webinar, we will create a model based off of a component that was tested by the Air Force Research Laboratory. Using different microstructures to represent forms of manufacturing defects, we will observe trends in part performance and compare the model results to the experimental results. 

Download this webinar recording to learn more about how the following defects caused by manufacturing variation can affect part performance: 

  • Voids residing between and within composite plies
  • Resin pockets and inconsistent volume fraction
  • Residual stresses due to cure cycle and part geometry



Dr. Flavio Souza, CTO

Dr. Souza is responsible for the overall technical direction of MultiMechanics. Well-known in the composites field for his research and accuracy, he has authored and co-authored over 50 technical papers and presentations. 


Hayden Cornwell, Application Engineer

Hayden obtained his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Aerospace Engineering from MIT. As Application Engineer at MultiMechanics, he is responsible for working with customers to solve their material engineering problems using MultiMech.